What we do is
a team sport

Great software development takes a customer-first approach, embracing innovation, experimentation, and discipline.

We work with scale-ups and large enterprises to create new cloud-native applications and modernize existing legacy systems. Our Dream Team will work with you to improve your customer experiences, better your operations and decision-making capabilities, and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Product Development

Architech’s team of Product Owners have a natural ability to facilitate ideation sessions to help guide a product’s vision. They also collaborate closely with clients and team members in order to harness their unique insights and experience. Collectively, a team has more knowledge, experience, and insights than an individual. Our Product Ideation sessions are formalized as part of the development process whereby we leverage a collective vision, channel it, and apply it to the product we are developing in order to align to key business goals and delight the end users.

We apply a Lean Startup approach to get our ideas into the hands of customers much faster. Our aim is to shorten development cycles, and rapidly discover if a proposed business solution is viable. This is achieved by adopting build-measure-learn feedback loops, iterative product releases, and validated learning. Our teams get up to speed quickly, define core product features and components, and build minimum viable products within the first few weeks of a project in order to ensure our solutions are both technically feasible and achieve the desired business results. This approach also allows us to pivot when needed and rapidly respond to changes in business requirements as well as user feedback. The outcome? Investing in product development activities that achieve real business results.

Agile is at the core of our culture, and we have a wealth of experience bringing applications to life by allowing our dedicated and collaborative teams to respond to change and release product features that truly drive business value. We have refined our Agile processes over the years to offer a proven framework that works. And our clients value their involvement in the process; they are a key part of our team which helps us align our Agile rituals to their needs.

Architech helps clients define and align around key business objectives and user needs in order to create testable prototypes, proof of concepts, and minimum viable products which effectively ensures alignment between outcomes and consumer demands. We use lightweight, open-source tools to expedite the process and gain measurable learnings.

Cloud, digital, machine learning, IoT, and a variety of emerging technology solutions.

User Experience Design

We’ll clear the path by providing tailored recommendations, based data-driven insights, usability testing, collaboration methods and industry best practices. So you can uncover your biggest technology constraints and invoke the best user experience strategies to engage with your target audience. Plus, our competitive analysis will help you set realistic benchmarks, find gaps and opportunities, and identify critical competitive points of parity that you’ll need to match and exceed.

You’ll see real opportunities that informs features, UI elements, and conversion points based on customer insights and data – not personal opinions and anecdotal evidence. Our UX Research approach will allow us to collect data, focus for the top priorities, real opportunities, features, UI elements, tools and tasks for the various swim-lanes – maximizing conversions or task completions. End-user intents are aligned to business objectives – letting you optimize the user experience while achieving business outcomes.

We’ll set up workshops, listen to internal stakeholders, and identify business objectives that can be affected by end-user outcomes.

The workshops result in a clear strategy for how design will deliver the value desired by all internal stakeholders across a clearly defined value proposition and set of key metrics.

Here at Architech, we have assisted many of our clients with reducing their page speed load times. Our page speed optimization experts have executed a number of improvements to client’s website:

  • Reduced the number of fonts loaded
  • Compress images to WebP format
  • Reduced the size of the global stylesheet

A design system is a collection of reusable graphical components, design standards, style guides, and code components which define a common visual language for product teams. It accelerates the design process and bridges the gap between teams involved in building a final product by having clear graphics standards, that makes assembling websites from components very easy and efficient.


Design Thinking With Architech

Architech is a LUMA Institute Certified Practitioner of Human-Centered Design. Through the use of design thinking methods, we facilitate a shared vision of a business problem that aligns with our clients’ digital transformation goals and ultimately delivers results. According to the Design Management Institute, design-driven companies have outperformed the S&P index by 219% over 10 years.

Digital Experience With Sport Chek

Bringing the digital experience into the bricks-and-mortar store is really the evolution of retail.

It takes a world-class team of Project Managers, Product Owners, Designers and Engineers to successfully bring an enterprise-grade solution to life that people love.

Modern Application Development

As early pioneers in Agile development, we are a Dream Team with the culture, discipline, and know-how to create exceptional quality solutions. The “Architech Way” includes Agile engineering best practices such as iterative development, test-driven development, peer programming, code, and design reviews, DevOps practices, and extensive automated testing. This means we build efficiently, and that quality is baked in.

DevOps. Today’s organizations demand agility and speed to market of value. Modern DevOps includes establishing a continuous integration / continuous development (CI/CD) pipeline, infrastructure-as-code, and other modern engineering practices, as well as the right culture necessary throughout the organization to experiment and incrementally improve. By optimizing your business operations in the cloud, we can help you accelerate your digital transformation.

Looking for a custom solution that can leverage open source, cloud-native platforms? We create applications natively in public clouds using lightweight, open source technologies to ensure a much faster time to market than traditional approaches. We use microservices, serverless, managed DevOps pipelines, and a variety of other cloud and SaaS services. Don’t build from scratch – create applications fast. We’ll show you how.

Cloud Infrastructure. Get the scalability, resilience, security, and agility you require through public cloud and hybrid cloud deployments. We will set up cloud environments for development, test, staging, and production that are fully defined through infrastructure-as-code and integrated into a DevOps pipeline. And we can show you how to manage and optimize these including all of the needed cloud services.

Cloud Integration. Seamlessly integrate on-premises and cloud-based applications, data, and processes across your enterprise. We can help you automate the access, use of data, and systems across private and public clouds, and handle reliable event delivery at massive scale.

Do you have older, brittle applications with outdated capabilities and user interfaces that are costly and difficult to maintain? For applications that must support rapid change, dynamic scalability, and resiliency, you need to re-architect to embrace and leverage the capabilities of the cloud. We can show you how.

Data-Intensive Applications. Harness data from your customers, operations, partners, and 3rd party providers to create data-powered applications that enable better decision making, visibility, and collaboration. We set up data pipelines including ETL and data streaming to support rapid growth and faster innovation with secure, enterprise-grade, and fully managed database services.

Security & Privacy. These are paramount concerns. Implement a layered, defence in-depth strategy to protect against advanced threats across devices, data, apps, and infrastructure. Unify security management and enable advanced threat protection across hybrid cloud environments. Get the reliability and scalability you need with identity services that work with your on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environment. We can set this up for you and create your applications and services using privacy-by-design.

Modern enterprises are exploring the use of artificial intelligence, automation, machine-learning, and a variety of cognitive service capabilities such as natural language processing, recognition of faces, landmarks, images and emotions, advanced search, intent matching, and much more. These are now powering a new breed of intelligent applications. We can help you create the next generation of applications using modern machine intelligence capabilities in the cloud.

With voice assistants becoming increasingly popular with consumers, Architech has been effectively designing and developing custom skills and actions on both the Alexa and Google Home platforms. These applications are successfully integrated into existing online portals and platforms so our clients can provide their customers with another service touchpoint.

A voice user interface increases availability for our clients’ end-users, allowing interactions to span beyond a visual platform while keeping users connected through their omnichannel journey. We use industry-standard best practices for our conversation designs, to enable a user-friendly task flow on this innovative technology.

We Are Open Source Cloud Experts


A Modern Platform for Management Excellence

The redeveloped platform enabled our frontline team to access important information from the field, and make better, real-time operational decisions to optimize our business and improve efficiencies.

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